• Lovense Remote

    For remote use – Our main app connects wirelessly to all Lovense toys.

    Main features: local control, long-distance control, in-app messaging, video chat, syncing to music, long-distance sex, syncing vibrations, creating/sharing patterns, and much more!

  • Lovense Media Player

    Our first Media Player that integrates touch, visual, and audio experience with any Lovense toy plus your VR headset.

    Main features: easy set up and clean interface, play any 2D or VR locally-stored video, create custom vibration patterns for your toys that sync with your videos, share your patterns and browse/download ones uploaded by others.

    Любая Игрушка от  Lovense logo.

    • Windows v 1.0.3
    • ·

      При загрузке Lovense Media Player автоматически устанавливается приложение Lovense Connect, которое необходимо для подключения Вашей игрушки к Windows ПК.

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