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Step By Step Tutorial


Visit the Lovense Stream Master webpage.
Choose the version that is compatible with your computer.
Click to download.



After downloading
Find the installation package and double-click to install it.




After the installation is complete, a shortcut to Lovense Stream Master will show up on the computer's desktop.



Launching Lovense Stream Master will automatically open the login page.
If you don't have a Lovense account click "Sign Up" to register.
If you already have a Lovense account, please log in.



After logging in, follow the instructions to complete three steps.

Step 1
Connect your Lovense toy



You can connect via PC or mobile
If you haven't downloaded the Lovense Connect App, click on the "Google Play" or "App Store" to download it.
Open Lovense Connect on your computer or phone and connect your toy(s). If using your phone, scan the QR code on your computer screen.
The toy(s) will be connected.




Step 2
Choose a website to stream on
Lovense Stream Master supports most popular live streaming sites.




Step 3
Set up your tip rules 
Click to enter the settings page. You can use the default tip rules or customize your own.
You may also change your tip rules at any time later on.
Now you're ready to start streaming.




Click "Stream now"
You will be redirected to the live streaming site you have selected.




Start your live stream
When you start your first live stream, a setup wizard will guide you through the process. Just follow the step-by-step instructions to get set up, or refer to this guide.




Choose a broadcasting scene
Select a scene from the available options. You can click on "Check my OBS stream" to preview your stream at any time.



Test your toy's reaction
Select "Send Test Tip" and click on the "Send Tip" button. Your toy will react according to your tip menu settings if everything is connected correctly.




Set up an app
Streaming with apps can make your show more interesting and help you earn more. Choose any app from the App Gallery to get started.




Activate ChatBox
ChatBox gathers important messages from all your streaming sites and helps set you free from annoying notifications. If you are multistreaming, just activate ChatBox to check all your chats without switching pages. You can chat with your viewers, check how much they tip you, and take notes on each of them.




Now you've learned the basics on streaming with Stream Master. Happy streaming!

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